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Thurston County, Washington

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Public Works

Crosswalk at a road

Our Investments

The system is the lifeblood of the local economy, connecting Thurston County's more than 285,000 residents to jobs, services, and other opportunities inside and outside the County.

Thurston County's transportation system consists of more than

  • 1,000 miles of roadway 
  • 150 bridges
  • 100 miles of sidewalks 
  • 17,000 traffic control signs
  • 1,000 street lights

Road Maintenance

Roadway maintenance includes asphalt repairs, roadway mowing to improve line-of-site for drivers, and drainage system improvements to prevent flooding.

Traffic Safety

Traffic control system maintenance includes installing or fixing traffic signs, streetlights, traffic signals, and pedestrian crossing beacons.

To ensure safety and improve traffic conditions, Public Works also performs traffic studies, revises speed limits as necessary, and implements traffic calming in residential neighborhoods.

Traffic Restrictions and Construction Projects

Give 'em a brake - Please drive safely in construction zones. Crews are working to provide you with better and safer roads.

See a map of road closures and other traffic restrictions.

Find information about current Public Works construction projects.

More info on weight restrictions and to apply for an oversized load permit.

Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Seasonal Travel Information

Public Works operates 24/7 to provide emergency support during fire, flooding, and icy seasons. To report an emergency, use the after hours number for Thurston 9-1-1 Communications (TCOMM) (360) 704-2740.


Watch for road closures in fire prone areas. Do your part to prevent fires. Do not throw burning material from a car window or onto the ground. Don't leave fires unattended.


Do not attempt to drive on a flooded street. The water can be deeper or moving faster than you anticipate. Also, it is dangerous and illegal to drive around a "road closed" sign. Fines are greater than $400.

Icy Conditions

Though Public Works crews mitigate icy road conditions by spraying anti-icing solution to roadways, it is still important to slow down and drive carefully to avoid loss of traction and traffic collisions.

Roads are responded to in a prioritized order, with arterials, major collectors, and routes to emergency locations first. Click here to view the map.

Storm Response

When inclement weather strikes, the Public Works department is prepared to respond and keep your county roads open. Please see below for details on facility operations and more. 

Storm Response

Find out if your road is a primary or secondary route for snow removal