Felony Team

​The Felony Team handles assault, drug, fraud, and property crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of Superior Court. The Team is located at the main courthouse complex, upstairs in building 2.

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Some cases may be eligible for pre-trial Diversion as an alternative to prosecution.

The following is the typical flow of events of superior court hearings. Any questions about time periods or case specific items should be referred to the defense attorney handling the matter.

  • Preliminary Hearing - within 48 hours of arrest Determines applicable bail amounts to allow for defendant's release.
  • Arraignment - within 14 days of Preliminary Hearing Defendant enters a plea (guilty/not guilty) If a defense attorney from the Office of Assigned Counsel is to be appointed, it will occur at this appearance.
  • Pre-Trial/Omnibus - Attorneys ensure all discovery has been exchanged and set a date for trial.
  • Change of Plea - in lieu of a Trial - defendant chooses to enter a plea of guilty.
  • Sentencing - Establishes terms and conditions of punishment.

Felony Team
2000 Lakeridge Dr SW, Olympia, WA 98502
Voice: 360-786-5540
Fax: 360-754-3358