Living Well Thurston

A Self-Management Resource Program with the SMRC


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What are Living Well and Living Well with Chronic Pain - Thurston workshops?

  • Online, interactive workshops for people with chronic physical and mental health conditions or chronic pain and their caregivers.
  • Living Well Thurston and Living Well with Chronic Pain - Thurston are similar programs. Living Well with Chronic Pain - Thurston is more focused on chronic pain, rather than a diagnosed physical or mental health condition.
  • Learn to set goals and better manage your health or chronic pain.
  • Led by two skilled, trained leaders.
  • Sessions that occur once a week for 2 1/2 hours over six weeks (seven weeks for online workshops).
  • Based on the Self-Management Resource Center's Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and Chronic Pain Self-Management Program.

What's the cost and how do I register?

  • It's free and includes either a Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions or Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain book.
  • To find out when the next workshop series is and register call Lesley Price at 360-480-4654.

What's a chronic health condition?

  • Health problems that are long term or long lasting.
  • Conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, depression, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain.
What is chronic pain?
  • There are many ways to classify chronic pain. Chronic pain can be associated with a chronic disease like arthritis. Chronic pain can also exist when there is no known cause like chronic neck or shoulder pain or fibromyalgia.