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Thurston County, Washington


​Do I want copies of recorded documents from the Auditor's Office or do I need to make a Public Records Request under the Public Records Act?

Records Recorded in the Auditor's Office

Public records like records of maps, liens and deeds are different than Public Records Requests. Customers can access public records like maps, liens and deeds by phone, in-person or by printing records from our Online Record Index. To learn more about the public records available through the Auditor’s Office or other public agencies, visit the Auditor’s Recording webpage.

Public Records Requests

Public Records Requests are made through the Public Records Act (Chapter 42.56 RCW) and involve public records (as defined in Chapter 42.56.010(3)) not otherwise available. We encourage you to review the list of public documents available on the Thurston County website and the website for the county agency you wish to get records from before submitting a Public Records Request.

For more information and to submit a Public Records Request, visit the Thurston County Public Records webpage and submit the Public Records Request Form. We encourage you to review the whole webpage, so you are aware of our policies and procedures and the fees associated with making Public Records Requests.