Earthquakes & Landslides
Sometimes we work on projects related to landslides, earthquakes or flooding in a particular neighborhood or region.  We make the information available to help inform and educate residents, decision makers, emergency responders and other government agencies. 

‚ÄčGeneral Safety Information

Landslide Risks for Thurston County (PDF)

Homeowner's Guide to Landslides (PDF)

Landslide Hazards in Washington State (PDF) 

County Quakes, Slides and Floods photo presentation (PDF)

Thurston County area Landslides & Earthquakes

Rock Candy Mountain landslide 2009    Staff Report (PDF)  |  Photos (zip file)  |

Sunset Beach landslide 2007    Staff Report (PDF)  | Photos (zip file)

Sunrise Beach landslides & earthquakes 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001   Engineers Landslide Report 1999 (PDF)  |    Staff Earthquake Report 2001 (PDF)  |  Monitoring Plan 2000 (PDF) |  Photo presentation (PDF)  |  Photos (zip file) 

Carlyon Beach landslide 1999    Engineers 1st Report (PDF) |   Engineers 2nd Report

‚ÄčLandslides in Washington

Slide photos   Oso 1, Washington 1  |  Oso 2 , Washington  |  Oso 3, Washington