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Thurston County, Washington

Power has been restored to County Offices at the Atrium building.

Power has been restored at the County Offices at the Atrium building, 3000 Pacific AVE SE. Services have resumed. Our apologies for any inconvenience. 

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Board of County Commissioners


Term of Office

Carolina is serving her first term in office. Her current term expires in 2024.

About Carolina

Carolina is a dedicated resident of Thurston County where she has resided with her spouse and two children for over a decade. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Pre-Law minor from Christian Brothers University in 2013, before making a permanent move to the Pacific Northwest to further her education.

During her time in law school, Carolina gained valuable experience at a law firm that specializes in immigration and personal injury. Subsequently, she worked as a Judicial Assistant with Thurston County Superior Court from 2015 until prior to assuming public office.

Carolina is committed to volunteering and advocating for diverse and underserved communities in her new home. She has remained an active member of the Kiwanis organization and is dedicated to promoting community engagement.

In 2021, Carolina was elected to the Thurston County Board of County Commissioners. In 2022, she was chosen to serve as Chair, and she continues to hold this position as of 2023. Additionally, she is a member of the Board of Health, where she actively works to promote the health and well-being of her constituents.

Carolina represents Thurston County on the following regional Boards and Committees:

  • Canvassing Board
  • DES Community Officials Roundtable
  • Finance Committee
  • Intercity Transit
  • Law Library Board
  • Mayor's Forum
  • Olympic Regional Clean Air Authority
  • Pacific Mountain Consortium
  • Thurston Thrives Elected Officials Council
  • Tourism Promotion Area
  • Transportation Policy Board
  • Emergency Food & Shelter Program
  • Solid Waste Advisory Committee
  • Regional Housing Council

Carolina also represents Thurston County on these Statewide Committees:

  • Interbranch Advisory Committee
  • Washington State Association of Counties Legislative Steering Committee
  • County Road Administration Board
  • Community Outdoor Athletic Facilities Advisory Committee