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Thurston County, Washington

Public Health and Social Services

Our Program

Environmental Health works within Thurston County Public Health and Social Services to assist the community in issuing permits, responding to complaints, and ensuring that health regulations of the local sanitary codes are followed.

Most of our services are fee based and the fees allow our office to be mostly self-supporting. Septic system owners, restaurants, and food handlers pay for permits. Some programs may also receive funding through grants and contracts with municipal, county and state agencies.

Environmental Health work includes food safety, drinking water and wells, safe environments (schools, water recreation facilities, shellfish harvesting), on-site sewage (septic), solid, business, and hazardous waste regulation.

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Enviornmental Health Codes and Regulations: 

The rules and regulations of the Thurston County Board of Health were developed to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the general public. Referred to as the "Sanitary Code," it comes under the jurisdiction of the Public Health and Social Services Department and is regulated and enforced by the Environmental Health Division.

Administrative Hearing Requests

Administrative Hearings may be convened for the following reasons: 

  • An appeal of an order, requirement, permit, decision or determination made by the health officer.
  • An appeal of a Notice of Violation or order issued by the health officer to enforce the Thurston County Sanitary Code.
  • A hearing request made under Thurston County Code 10.92 for an order regarding contaminated property associated with illegal drug manufacturing or storage.
  • A hearing request to review a waiver or variance application.
  • Other appropriate reasons set forth in Article I or in Washington State laws and regulations administered by the health officer.

Brochures, Documents, Publications, and Reports

Loss of Title Washington State Licensing (DOL)
Abandoned / Junk Vehicle Guide Washington State Police (WSP)
Hazohouse Charge Account Application for Small Businesses (with fee schedule)
Hazardous Waste Management Plan

Business Pollution Prevention
Solid Waste Regulation