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Thurston County, Washington


Information on delinquent real property taxes and foreclosure tax sale information found here.

Thurston County holds our annual mobile home/personal property distraint tax sale via the internet facilitated by bid4assets

​Personal property, which includes mobile homes on leased land, is subject to sale once a payment is missed. RCW 84.56.070 is the law that dictates the requirements of the County Treasurer’s Office regarding distraint action and sale of the property.

Our office starts the collection process once a payment is missed. If our office is unable to collect the taxes due, we may file an official notice of distraint with the County Auditor and proceed to sell the property at auction. The minimum bid includes taxes, interest, penalties, and collection costs.

The successful bidder must adhere to the terms of sale, full payment is due according to the terms at the end of the online auction. All payment must be in the form of certified funds, which includes cash, cashier’s check, money order, or wire. After payment is received, and the proper paperwork has been completed by the winning bidder, our office will submit it to the Department of Licensing for titling purposes.

Thurston County does not warrant any property suitable for use, nor do they make any claims either expressed or implied, regarding the properties condition, usability, location, livability, occupied or vacant, of the manufactured or mobile homes for sale.

Properties are sold as “BUYER BEWARE, WHERE IS, AS IS”. Research and inspect thoroughly prior to bidding.

​The 2020 distraint sale will be held March 15 & 16, 2021 and continue until properties are sold or the Treasurer closes the auction.

Any questions about the sale of mobile homes/personal property should be directed to Eric Sullivan, Revenue Officer for the Thurston County Treasurer's Office, at 360-786-5548 or via email.

* All schedule dates are subject to change