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Thurston County, Washington

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2024 Property Tax Foreclosure Auction Fact Information

  • The Thurston County Treasurer’s Office conducts a property tax foreclosure action pursuant to RCW 84.64. Properties with a tax year, three years or more delinquent, qualify for foreclosure. This year the office is foreclosing on 2021 full year and/or prior property taxes.
  • The foreclosure process begins when the lawsuit is filed with Superior Court, usually scheduled the first week of June.
  • Property whose taxes are not paid prior to the scheduled auction are sold. The auction is held once a year in January, via the internet.
  • Public notice is published in the Nisqually Valley News, a local newspaper, in late August or early September.
  • A list of properties in foreclosure will be available and maintained in the Treasurer’s Office and on our website starting in mid-September.
  • The final list of properties going to auction will be updated on our website the day before the scheduled auction. This list will also include minimum bid amounts.
  • An open internet-based auction is facilitated by Bid4assets. The properties are available for viewing on their website in mid-November. All bidders must register and pay a deposit to Bid4assets, facilitated by Bid4assets. Their website is
  • Approximately 10 to 50 properties go to sale each year.
  • Properties are understood to be sold free and clear of most liens and encumbrances except: municipal liens such as Local Improvement District, Road Improvement District, Utility Local Improvement District assessments; Internal Revenue Service liens, which have a redemption period of 120 days; a person legally deemed incompetent or a minor, have a redemption period of three years; and active military service members.
  • A Tax Deed is issued to the winning bidder, who has followed the terms of sale, within 30 days of the end of auction.
  • Our office does not maintain a mailing list.

Properties that do not sell at the foreclosure auction revert to Thurston County in trust as tax-title properties, and are handled by Eric Sullivan, Revenue Officer, Thurston County Treasurer’s Office. He may be reached at 360-786-5548;; 3000 Pacific Ave SE, Olympia WA 98501. For more information about Tax-Title properties click here or refer to our Tax-Title webpage.