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Lay/Family (Non-Professional) Guardian
Letters of Guardianship

Clerks must issue expiring Letters of Guardianship. 

Letters may be valid for up to 5 years. 

Guardians may not act without valid Letters of Guardianship.

Mandatory Training
  • Current Guardians must complete mandatory, free training prior to filing intermediate account or report.
  • Potential Guardians must complete mandatory, free training prior to appointment or under certain circumstances within 90 days of appointment.

Click here for the training.

For specific information about mandatory training, call (360) 704-4081 or email

Deadlines to Remember

Within 90 days of appointment:

  • Mandatory training must be completed.
  • Guardian of the person and/or estate must notify all individuals identified by the Court of their right to request special notice.
  • Guardian of the person and/or estate must file a notice naming a Standby Guardian.
  • Guardian of the estate must file a final report within 90 days of the date of termination of guardianship or termination of appointment.

Within 120 days of appointment:

  • The Court shall review intermediate accounts or reports.
Court Forms

Click here for mandatory court forms that are available to download.

Letters of Guardianship and Letters in Probate Cases can be easily accessed from the Clerk’s website.  Click here to access these forms.


​Guardians can be sanctioned.  If a guardian fails to file the intermediate report or account, or fails to appear at a review hearing, the Court has the authority to schedule a contempt hearing; appoint a guardian ad litem; require the guardian to attend training; remove the guardian; appoint a successor guardian; or take other action as the Court deems just and equitable.

Guardianship Complaint

​Forms to file a Guardianship Complaint can be found here.

The Superior Court Designee for Guardianship Complaints is the Clerk of the Court

If you want more information about the law on complaints, see RCW 11.88.120.