Judicial Administrative Records Request
How do I ask for records that are in the court file?

​Records that are in the court file are provided by the County Clerk. All of the paperwork that is used in court hearings and trials are in the court file. For example, contact the Clerk to get a copy of:

  • a judgment and sentence
  • dissolution (divorce) decree
  • parenting plan
  • order of support
  • protection order

You can contact the County Clerk here.

I want to ask for records.  Are the records that I want Judicial Administrative Records?

​You can also ask for records that are not in the court file, but are kept by Court Administration.

Court Administration is the government agency where the judges, court administrator, and other court staff work. Court Administration is a different agency than the County Clerk and the records are separate. Court Administration keeps business records and you can ask for those through a Judicial Administrative Request under GR 31.1.

To contact the County Clerk for paperwork that is in the court file, click here.

How do I ask for Judicial Administrative Records

Washington State General Rule 31.1 governs public access to Judicial Administrative Records. It is similar to the Public Records Act, but the Public Records Act does not apply to Superior Court.

Please review our policy about Judicial Administrative Record requests and use the Thurston County Superior Court Request for Judicial Administrative Records Form.

You can submit the form by email, in person, or mail:

1. SuperiorCourtRecords@co.thurston.wa.us 

2. Main Campus Courthouse, Thurston County Superior Court
            Attention: Public Records Officer
            2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Building 2
            Olympia, WA 98502

3. Thurston County Family & Juvenile Court

           Attention: Public Records Officer

           2801 32nd Ave SW

           Tumwater, WA 98501

4.  Questions and Concerns:  Call 360-786-5560

Will I have to pay a fee for Judicial Administrative Records?

​Maybe.  Judicial Administrative Records requests are subject to fees under General Rule 31.1(h).  We will notify you before you incur a charge and will require pre-payment before searching for records.

Fees for Records: 
Records collections, research and preparation $30.00 per hour (there is no charge for the first hour)
Paper copies on 11x17 paper or smaller, scanning $0.15 per page
CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DD Actual Cost
Postage for mailing public records Actual Cost


My Judicial Administrative Records request was denied. Can I appeal?

​Yes, you can ask for review of a decision.  Use this form, which also explains the procedures for review on page two: Request for Review of Records Officer's Decision Appeal Form.