Business Licenses

State law requires a Master Business License from the State Department of Licensing for anyone doing business in the State of Washington. A business located in the unincorporated areas of Thurston County (outside city limits) may require a County Business License. Businesses located within a city’s limits (incorporated areas) may require a City Business License. Please contact your city to find out their requirements.

The following businesses require a County Business License from the Thurston County Auditor's Office. You can download the application forms and the county and state statutes below. For more information, contact the Auditor’s Licensing team at 360.786.5406. Please contact the Thurston County Permit Assistance Center at 360.786.5490 regarding permits required for the business.


​What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept cash, check (made out to "Thurston County Auditor"), MasterCard, American Express and Visa for payment. All cards will be charged a service fee of $2.00 or 2.35%, whichever is highest.

​Business Type


​County code and/or State Statute


​Call Sandra Bush at Medic One for application at 360.704.2784.

Antique Dealer


Circus and Carnival​

Erotic Dance Hall​

Erotic Dancer (Entertainer)​


Flea Market​

Hawkers and Auctioneers​


Jewelry and Appliance​ Auctions

Junk Dealer​

Massage Parlor​

Music Festival​


Pet Shop​

Process Server Registration​

Public Bathhouse​

Public Bathhouse Attendant​