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Thurston County, Washington


Ballot Status Tool

Log into using your name and birthdate and click on "ballot status."

Depending on where your ballot is in the process, you will see one of the following messages:

Status Meaning
Sent Your ballot has been mailed to you
Received Your ballot has been received by Thurston County Elections
Accepted Your ballot has been accepted and will be counted
Challenged Your ballot has an issue, likely with the signature on the envelope

Signature Challenges

If your ballot tracking status is "challenged," Thurston County Elections will contact you by mail to inform you of the specific issue and how to resolve it. Signature challenges happen when a voter returns their ballot without signing the ballot return envelope or when the signature on the ballot return envelope does not match the signature we have on file. 

Please respond quickly to correct the situation so your ballot can be counted.

To resolve any signature challenge issues, carefully follow the instructions on the form you receive and return the form to Thurston County Elections. All signature challenge forms must be received by 4:30 p.m. the day before the election is certified (see important dates). Return your completed form in the envelope provided or drop it off in person to ensure your form is received before the deadline.

Signature Update Form (PDF) | Versión en Español(PDF)