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Thurston County, Washington

Public Health and Social Services

Community Resource List

This list is meant to be as comprehensive and thoughtful as possible. Please share additional resources to add, update, or if there are other resource lists that can be referenced and included. 

If you are in need of immediate assistance please call our Housing and Shelter Hotline.


Call to connect with homeless services in Thurston County and get referrals to shelter and housing options. 

Check out the Thurston County 2022-2023 Winter Shelter Flyer for additional information. 

Community Resources

Fair Housing Center of Washington: 253-274-9523, 

  • Assessing evidence of housing discrimination and assisting with the complaint process – intake paperwork can be found here
  • You can send an anonymous complaint about a housing provider by emailing Be sure to include the full property address, the alleged fair housing violation, and any supporting evidence (i.e., discriminatory advertising) 
  • Template for self-advocating for a reasonable accommodation/modification request:  this form 

Rental Housing and Renter Resources

Recommended Trainings

Gender Odyssey group in Seattle has held an annual conference since 2001. They provide trainings, support groups, and resources to families navigating queer, trans, and gender non-conforming space:  Trans Families 

Mental Health First Aid training:  Mental Health First Aid 

Families with Children