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Thurston County, Washington

Community Planning and Economic Development

Use the information below to find out which zoning your property is in and which codes apply. Zoning determines what you can build on or do with a property, the setbacks (also called "yard" requirements in code), lot sizes and more.

  • Zoning definitions
    • Jurisdiction of Influence - determines which zoning code applies.
    • UGA is Urban Growth Area -an area that will become part of Olympia, Tumwater or Lacey at some time in the future. Regulations in those areas typically match the city regulations. 
    • Legal lot - a parcel of land developed through laws in effect at the time of the original subdivision. The criteria to determine the legal status of a lot is specified in section 18.04.045 of Title18 of the Thurston County Code.
    • Tax lot / Tax parcel- a parcel which appears on the Thurston County Assessor's map and has been assigned a tax parcel number by the Assessor. Tax parcel numbers are assigned for billing purposes.