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Thurston County, Washington

The content on the Thurston County website is currently provided in English. We are providing the “Translation” for approximately 10 languages. The goal of the translation is to provide visitors with limited English proficiency to access information on the website in other languages. The translations do not translate all types of documents, and it may not give you an exact translation all the time. The translations are made through an automated process, which may not result in accurate or precise translations, particularly of technical and legal terminology.

Public Health and Social Services

New and Existing Restaurant Owners

Permanent Food Establishments

New Food Establishment Application

Septic System Supplemental Form (must be completed if utilizing a septic system for wastewater disposal)

Food Establishment Change of Ownership Application

  • A COO Application may be submitted when a restaurant is purchased by a new owner, is closed for less than 30 days, and no menu changes or remodeling to the existing establishment occur.

Pre-Opening Checklist

Catering Businesses

Catering FAQ

Catering Application

Catering Commissary Agreement

Two cooks preparing food in restaurant kitchen

Wineries & Breweries

Winery and Brewery (Washington State Department of Agriculture)

  • Winery and brewery operators still need a permit through Thurston County Public Health if warewashing of glass will occur in the facility. Complete and submit the new food establishment application.

Exempt from Food Permit

Certain food items may be exempt from permit based on Chapter 246-215, Washington Administrative Code (WAC), 8-301.12 Exempt from Permit. The exemption is valid for one year from February 1st to January 31st, and must be renewed annually. Exempt food items include popcorn (including kettle corn), cotton candy, dried herbs and spices (if processed in an approved facility), corn on the cob, whole roasted peppers (if roasted for immediate service), roasted nuts (including candy coated), individual fruit & vegetable samples (slices from non-TCS produce), chocolate dipped ice cream bars (prepared using commercially prepared pre-packaged ice cream bars), and chocolate dipped bananas (prepared from bananas peeled and frozen in an approved facility).

This application must be submitted at least 14 calendar days prior to date of food service. Plan review fees will be billed according to the Environmental Health Fee Schedule once review is complete. Fees must be paid prior to being approved to operate.

Exempt from Food Permit Application


Donor Kitchens

Donor Kitchen Application


Other Documents

Request for variance 

  • Contact Food Safety staff if you want to submit a request for Sanitary Code variance.

*Notice regarding payments by credit or debit card: If paying by credit or with debit card, you will be responsible for paying the processing fee of 2.35% of the total amount due or a minimum of $2.00, whichever is greater. You also have the option to pay by check or cash without any additional fee. Please do not send cash through the mail.

Contact the Food and Environmental Services Section at 360-867-2667 or send an email to with additional questions.