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Thurston County, Washington

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Community Planning and Economic Development

2024 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Applications must be received by Nov. 15, 2024 for consideration in early 2025.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process

Anyone can request a change to the Comprehensive Plan using the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process. 

The general steps must be completed in this order:

  1. Discuss your proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment with Community Planning before filling out any forms. Start by emailing
  2.  After your conversation, complete the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Request forms at the bottom of the permit forms page, and pay the associated land-use fee. (See Land-Use Fee Schedule on Permit Fees page). 
  3. Complete & submitted requests are added to a list of proposed amendments.
  4. The Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) then chooses some proposals from the list to add to the Official Docket of Comprehensive Plan Amendments. This is the the docketing process.
  5. Proposals on the Official Docket are reviewed and evaluated by the Planning Commission, the BoCC, and staff. 
  6. The BoCC votes whether or not to adopt proposed amendments which are then included in the next Comprehensive Plan.

2023 Application Dates

Applications must be received by Nov. 15, 2023 in order to be considered by the BoCC in early 2024 docketing discussions.

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