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Thurston County, Washington

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Community Planning and Economic Development

Project Name: Thurston 2045

Thurston 2045 is the name for the county project to review and update its comprehensive plan (also called Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update). The comprehensive plan is the 20-year growth plan and policy document for unincorporated Thurston County. The plan:

  • Guides future land use, housing, economic development, population and employment growth, natural resource protection, and capital facilities.
  • It's due to the Board of County Commissioners in June 2025.

Learn More About the Comprehensive Plan

View the StoryMaps below to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan Update. There is an overview StoryMap and one for each topic in the Comprehensive Plan.

We Want Your Input!

Your feedback is important and will be used to help update the visions in the current Comprehensive Plan during the Thurston 2045 update. There are a couple of ways you can participate in the Comprehensive Plan update.

1. Take the survey using one of the links below. It includes 6 short answer questions and should take about 10 minutes to complete.

2. Request a presentation for your group or organization or contact the project manager:

Maya Teeple
(360) 545-2593

Project Timeline


Late 2022-Early 2023
The early phase of project planning to decide upon the scope and determine what to include in the update. The Comprehensive Plan gets update every few years. We're currently in an update period.


March 2023-March 2024
Initial outreach to the community and internal review. 


March-September 2024
Planning Commission review.


September 2024-June 2025
Board of County Commissioners review and action.

Documents and Links

    Documents Links Informational Links

    Community outreach flyer

    Current Comprehensive Plan 
    Winter 2022 Survey: the "Thurston 2045" Report Joint Plan Updates
    Public Participation Plan Sign Up to receive emails about Thurston 2045
    Public Comments (from 9.2022 - 4.2023) Submit a comment on Thurston 2045
      Email the project manager, Maya Teeple, Senior Planner