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Thurston County, Washington

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Community Planning and Economic Development

Thurston County Comprehensive Plan Document (adopted 2019)

The current Comprehensive Plan document (including sub area & joint plans) is a posted below in sections. It was last updated in November 2019 and adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on November 12, 2019 by Resolution 15836 and Ordinance 15837. On December 15, 2020 the Board of County Commissioners adopted the remaining continuing items (mineral lands, forestry, parks and health) under Resolution 15953 and Ordinance 15974.  A legal notice of adoption was issued in the Olympian on December 23, 2020.

For a list of amendments by year, see Appendix D below. 

Cover Page   |   Title Page   |   Table of Contents   |   1 Introduction   |   2 Land Use  |    3 Natural Resource Lands   |   4 Housing   |   5 Transportation   |   6 Capital Facilities |   7 Utilities   |   8 Economic Development   |   9 Environment Recreation & Open Space  |   10 Archaeological & Historic Resources   |   11 Health     12 Amendments   |   13 Glossary 

A - Thurston County History   |   B - Reserved   |   C - Descriptions of Plans, Studies & Regulations   |   D - List of Plan Amendments   |   E - Maps   |   F - Reserved |    G - Capital Improvement Program (CIP) (also see CIP web page)


Chapter 1 Maps:
Map I-1 - Thurston County Jurisdiction  
Map I-2 - Physiography
Map I-3 - Existing Land Use

Chapter 2 Maps:
Map L-1 - Future Land Use  
Map L-3 - Military and Airport Impact Areas

Chapter 3 Maps:
Map N-1 - Long Term Agriculture & Forestry 
Map N-2 - Designated Mineral Resource Lands (also called the Official Designated Mineral Lands Map)
Map N-3 - Mineral Lands Inventory

Chapter 5 Maps:
Map T-1 - Federal Functional Classification 
Map T-2 - County Functional Classification
Map T-2a - Grand Mound Functional Classification
Map T-3 - Transit Routes
Map T-4 - Bike and Multiuse Trails
Map T-5 - Rails, Ports, and Airports
Map T-6 - 2015 Traffic Volumes
Map T-7 - 2040 Projected Traffic Volumes
Map T-8 - Freight and Goods Transporation  
Map T-9 - LOS Standard
Map T-10 - LOS Projections

Chapter 7 Maps:
Map U-1 - Water, Sewer, and Solid Waste

Chapter 9 Maps:
Map E-1 - Water Resource Inventory Areas   
Map E-2 - Public Purpose Lands
Map E-3 - Open Space Tax Land

Chapter 10 Maps:
Map H-1 - Historic Resources

Sub Area Plans

Nisqually & Nisqually sub area plan web page     Grand Mound  & Grand Mound project web page |   Rochester  

Joint Plans

Joint Plans web page  |  Tumwater  |  Tumwater Joint Plan Appendices  |  Tumwater Future Land Use and Subarea Maps