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Thurston County, Washington

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Public Health and Social Services

Septic System Components
Hiring a Septic Professional

The information on this page is for septic professionals who are certified or would like to become certified to operate in Thurston County.

Quick links to helpful documents and information

Article IV (TC) Construction Manual (TC) Common Septic Fees (TC)
EH Fee Schedule (TC) OnlineRME Permit Status (TC)
Septic Records Archived Information (TC) Septic & Sewage Publications (WA DOH) Septic System Basics Videos (WA DOH)

Information for Septic Professionals

Information septic system designers and engineers, who work in Thurston County, must be familiar with and utilize when designing systems that will be put in to use in our county.

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General Information

Rules, Regulations and Fees Policy, Procedure, RS&G's

Memos, Letters and Policies

Information for those who want to be certified and operate to install septic systems in Thurston County.

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General Information

Rules, Regulations & Fees 

Policy, Procedures, RS&G's Memos and Letters

Information for those who want to be certified as septic system monitoring specialists in Thurston County.

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Website Links


​Listed in Order of Date Cancelled

Cancelled Policies

Building Development Center Hours (TC BDC)

OSS Tank Pump Out Report - Electronic Submittal Only: $15


Water Waste Management (WA DOH)

Septic & Sewage Publications (WA DOH)

Contact our Environmental Health Division or email us at if you have additional questions. 

Contact Phone Name Email
Designers & Installers  (360)-867-2673 Brad Sangston
Monitoring Specialists 360-867-2635 Maggie Morehouse
Pumpers 360-867-2635 Maggie Morehouse
Record Drawing 360-754-3355 ext. 7293  
Support Staff for Designers and Installers 360-867-2628 Wendi Fernandez
Support Staff for Certified Monitoring Specialists 360-867-2507 Susan Helland
Support Staff for Pumpers 360-867-2633 Susan Helland

Enviromental Health Issue Reporting

Enviromental Health Feedback