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Thurston County, Washington

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Community Planning and Economic Development

New - The 2024 Fee Schedules Took Effect on Monday, January 1

The Board of County Commissioners updated the county's fee schedules as they do every year. The new 2024 fee schedules took effect on Monday, January 1, 2024

The county charges fees for the work associated with reviewing plans & drawings, and inspecting properties, construction sites and building work to make sure development meets regulations. We also collect impact fees for projects that increase the need for community services like fire services, parks, schools, transportation and environmental protection. 

2024 Building Permits & Plan Review Fees

2024 Septic Permits, Well Water & Conditional Site Approval Fees 

Construction Site Erosion Control/Stormwater & Development Review Fees

2024 Impact Fees


Apply for a Refund for Paid Fee


Types of fees

  1. Applications fees:
    • For processing permit applications.
    • For verifying information on documentation.
  2. Plan Review fees:
    • For checking plans and drawings against code.
  3. Inspection fees:
    • For on-site inspections of construction sites & buildings.
    • For on-property inspection of regulated animal habitats, lands, water, soils, vegetation.
  4. Environmental impact fees for destruction to/loss of regulated environments.
  5. Mitigation fees. Loss of ESA-protected habitat caused by development must be replaced elsewhere through mitigation. 
  6. Impact fees for some fire and school districts, transportation, and parks.

Elected Officials Authorize these Fees
Permitting fees are reviewed and adopted by the Thurston County Board of Commissioners. Thurston County government is authorized by the Washington State legislature to issue permits in unincorporated areas of Thurston County and collect fees. Permitted projects must meet state and federal laws for community growth, health and safety.  Some county departments and divisions are funded by the county's general fund which is a tax-sourced fund. Permitting is self-supporting through fees and does not rely on Thurston County's general fund.